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Napoli - Eduardo Mezzacapo

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Eduardo Mezzacapo ( 1832 1898 ). Mandolinist from Naples .He studied the mandolin in Naples but at the age of 20 went to France where he immediately became a recognized musician and one of the founders of the French Mandolin School. In France, the tradition of the mandolin began by the end of the 17th century when this instrument , then smaller, became imperative for the cultivated music at Court and in the palaces of the Noble. That was when mandolin players like Leone, Fouchetti and Gervasio created the Parisian School out of which came generations of Italian mandolinists who stayed in France. Maestro Mezzacapo continued the school and became the most important exponent of his time. He wrote many pieces for quartets ( two mandolins, mandola and guitar ).

M Eduardo Mezzacapo ( a destra)

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